Отрывки из письма преподавателей после экзамена:

1. [...] Please do NOT send us messages saying "according to my calculation, I got X.500001 and should therefore get X+1".
(unsurprisingly, we got no messages saying "you erred in my favor and gave me 1 point too many")

3. "Appealing without appealing"
(This message has become somewhat of a classic, so we repeat it here for future generations to enjoy...)
Though this is not your first semester at the Technion, we would like to clear some things up:
- Do not send us emails asking: "I want to write as my appeal. Am I right?".
Besides the obvious insult to our intelligence, part of the learning process is being able to determine whether your solution is correct or not. We will not help you write your appeal.

- Do not send us your exam and ask us where you can appeal, or if we can find places where you can appeal.
This may seem trivial to most of you, but perhaps not to all of you.

- Do not ask us "Will you check the whole exam if I decide to appeal?", when you clearly know the answer.

- If we miscalculated your exam grade, appeal and you will get the points you deserve.
There is no need to warn us by mail that "You miscalculated my grade. I am going to appeal. Be prepared", since we are always prepared.
As you already know, we have Unagi.

Course Staff